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TWIST Gaming Subscriber Drive

TWIST Gaming Subscriber Giveaway Items

Subscriber Goal

  • Every 25 subs: Random giveaway!
  • 200: 3D Printed Halloween White Speaker
  • 300: 3D Printed Oversized Nightmare Ram Head
  • 400: To be revealed
  • 500: 3D Printed Black Knight Bust

Subscriber Benfits


How do I enter?

Just subscribe to our chanel and every month you are subscribed gets you ticket(s) into our Subscriber Drive
  • $4.99 and Prime Subscriptions - 1 Ticket
  • $9.99 Subscription - 2 Ticket
  • $24.99 Subscription - 6 Ticket

What is a Prime Subscription?

If you have Amazon Prime you also have Twitch Prime! One of the feature of Twitch Prime is that you get 1 free subscription to a channel of your choice each month.

For details on how to link your Amazon account with your Twitch account go here.

Note: Prime subs do not auto renew and you must manually re-subscribe each month.

When did we start earning tickets? Did people who subscribed from the beginning already have an advantage?

Everyone starts earning tickets starting Decmeber 2017, this give new and old viewers and equal chance to win.

Do I have to be watching live to win?

Not at all! We know many of our viewers are not always able to watch live so we want to give everyone an equal chance to win!

Can I get extra tickets?

If you increase your subscription tier you will automatically get extra tickets each month. $9.99 subscribers get 2 tickets while $24.99 subscribers get 6 a month!

Do I lose all my tickets after each drawing?

No you keep your tickets from drawing to drawing, so the longer you are subscribed the more chance you get to win!

Do I have to be an active subscription to win?

Yes, when we pull the giveaway your account must be activatly subscribed to be qualifed to enter.

Does that mean I lose my tickets if I don't re-subscribe?

No, if you re-subscribed after a break in time you will regain any tickets you earned before.

I am already subscribed what else can I do?

Thanks for being a subscriber! The best way to help is to tell others about the stream and help grow our community.

Offical Rules