About TWIST Gaming

We are TWIST Gaming, your dedicated channel for interactive board gaming on Twitch! Join us in each of our board gaming streams as you help your fellow viewers determine the outcome of the game. You’ll have a vital part in the outcome by choosing actions, devising strategy, and even rolling the dice! We hope you enjoy your time with us at TWIST, the home of interactive gaming on Twitch.

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Who We Are


Matt is the showman of the group. He is fun and witty. He often does impersonations and cracks jokes. He's more on the meterosexual side. He regularly hosts with Josh. He is a competitive gamer and can tend to be on the gloating side when he wins and sometimes plays into being the "bad guy" of the stream.


Josh is the resident board game geek. He is our ringleader and started this whole Twitch stream. His nickname is Dr. Mumbles as he sometimes mumbles instead of talks. He hosts shows with Matt and they are very close. He is married to Nicole.


Ann is fairly talkative. She tend to work as an additional host. Nicole and her tend to work as partners in crime causing all sorts of mischief. When we are on the road she usually conduct interviews. She is the newest to board gaming but not gaming in general. She teases Nicole about how long it takes her to do her hair and makeup but the fact of the matter is, it takes Ann just as long.


Aaron is quiet. He thinks a lot before he does things. When he does chime in, it is either strategic input or a witty comment. He often plays Dwarven characters as they match his disposition and love for beer. This is extra amusing because he's 6'2" and significantly taller than any of us.

Contact Us

If you're interested in having your game featured in one of our Spotlight sessions, please contact us through email at Spotlight@twistgaming.tv

If you'd like to contact us about anything else, please send an email to Info@twistgaming.tv