TableTop Talisman - Metal Meeple Themed Geeky Accessories

Spotlight - Mondays - 8pm ET

Are you on the cutting edge? A trendsetter? A board game hoarder?! Then we have the show for you! Join us for our Spotlight as we showcase new and upcoming games, many of which are not even released to the public yet! We’ll bring in designers, creators, and publishers to give you an inside look at the game and hopefully make your search for a new favorite an easy one!

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Twitch Plays Kingdom Death - Tuesdays & Thursday - 8pm ET

Are you afraid of the dark? Things that go bump in the night? Well, you should be! Join us each week as you and your fellow survivors brave the terrors in the darkness and struggle to survive against each new and fearsome nemesis. Embrace the darkness and wrench the very organs from your quarry. As you establish your settlement and grow your strength to fight back and keep what’s yours and your lives. All are welcome in the land where insanity is worn as armor and death is always around the corner! Join us each week as we continue the journey.

Great Game Hunters - A Kingdom Death: Monster Podcast (Live Recording) - Fridays (Bi-weekly) - 6pm ET

Ready to take your monster hunting to the next level?! Is the Slender Man leaving you salty? Do you never have the White Lion balls you need? Or do you just want to know why the Dung Beetle Knight has a giant ball of poo? Join Matt, Josh, and Fen as they discuss lore, tactics, strategies, and builds for Kingdom Death: Monster and find the answer to all your questions!

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